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Christ Church Frederica, St. Simons Island, GA
  • Christ Church at Frederica
  • Christ Church at Frederica
  • Christ Church at Frederica
  • Christ Church at Frederica
  • Christ Church at Frederica

an inviting and spiritual community

Welcome to Christ Church, Frederica, an Episcopal community on Saint Simons Island. We’re glad that you’ve found your way to this parish, a place of prayer, sacrament, relationship and service.

Our grounds and our faith are historic, built upon the foundations laid by our ancestors on this island and the host of saints who have come before us. We combine the ancient ways of Christ’s followers with the modern needs and experiences of today’s people. If you seek Christ or a deeper knowledge of him, we invite you to join us on the way.

Christ Church
Christ Church Frederica
5:30 pm - Rite II Holy Eucharist
at St. Ignatius Chapel
(2906 Demere Road)
8:00 am BCP 1928 Holy Eucharist
(This service is held in
historic Christ Church.)
9:10 am Children’s Chapel 
(This service is held in the Parish House,
in the Choir Room.)
9:15 am Rite II Holy Eucharist 
 (This service is held in
historic Christ Church.)
11:15 am Holy Eucharist
(This service is held in
historic Christ Church.)
5:00 pm Contemplative
Communion at
St. Ignatius Chapel
(2906 Demere Road)

We also invite you to join us

on Facebook or YouTube

for online worship

 at 9:15 am, every Sunday.


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happening at

Christ Church

during Advent, Christmas

and into the New Year!






December 24 –

Christmas Pageant 

4:00 pm Service - Parish Hall

This energetic liturgy centers around our Christmas Pageant where sheep, angels, shepherds, Joseph, Mary and more come to life as we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child. 

December 24 – Christmas Eve 

6:00 & 8:00 pm Services 

These liturgies will offer festive Christmas selections from our Christ Church Parish Choir, and brass section.

December 24 – Christmas Eve 

11:00 pm Service

This traditional midnight liturgy is accompanied by Christmas carols and selections on the classical guitar.


December 25 –

Holy Eucharist Service at 

St. Ignatius Chapel - 10:30 am

Join us on Christmas morning as we celebrate the Birth of the Christ Child!

(No services at Christ Church on Christmas Day)



The church is now

open for tours,

Tuesday through Sunday,

2:00 pm until 5:00 pm.

Christ Church Frederica

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Christ Church, Frederica
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