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Christ Church Frederica, St. Simons Island, GA
Christ Church Frederica

Christ Church, Frederica Prayer Labyrinth

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6329 Frederica Road • Saint Simons Island, Georgia 31522


Nestled in the woods, the Christ Church, Frederica Labyrinth

offers guests a unique opportunity for respite, reflection, and rejuvenation.  

All are welcome!



The Labyrinth is located at 6329 Frederica Road on St. Simons Island.  To access the labyrinth, 

park at Christ Church, cross Frederica Road at the crosswalk, and follow the wooded path towards the Wesley Garden. 


The Labyrinth at Christ Church is open dawn to dusk, every day.

Groups interested in a facilitated walk

Group walks with a trained labyrinth facilitator can be arranged by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is a labyrinth?

Embraced by many faith traditions and cultures, a labyrinth is a walking meditation or prayer. A large circle with a single path that winds back and forth, moving alternatively toward and away from the center, labyrinths are a metaphor for life. Participants are encouraged to leave behind customary activities and preoccupations to cultivate a sense of expectancy, open to the possibility of a transforming encounter with The Holy, and take back out into the world what has been received. 

The history of the labyrinth

Often thought to mirror the spirals found in nature, labyrinths of all kinds date back some 4,000 years. The Labyrinth at Christ Church is modeled on the eleven-path design at France’s Chartres Cathedral that was constructed between 1194 and 1220 C.E. 

Why walk a labyrinth?

The rhythm of walking, placing one foot in front of the other, quiets the mind, relaxes the body, and refreshes the spirit. The labyrinth invites us to experience God’s presence with our whole selves—heart, mind, and body.

New to walking the labyrinth?

There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth. One cannot get lost on a labyrinth. Following the path to the center of the circle and retracing one’s steps comprise the main ritual, but the pace, breath, and intention vary with the individual. 

Click HERE for some helpful tips and suggestions if you are new to walking the labyrinth.  This guide was created for the labyrinth at Wollaston Theological College’s Chapel in Perth, Australia.   

Additional information on labyrinths


The Labyrinth Society:


"Christ Church Frederica is one of the most beautiful places I've ever constructed a labyrinth. Surrounded by live oaks and other majestic trees draped with Spanish moss, the labyrinth embraces an open sky. One can’t help but feel surrounded, supported, and nurtured by nature here."

 Chuck Hunner, Golden Spirit Labyrinths,



Ministry for All Ages

Christ Church offers a wide variety of ministry programs for all of God’s people, of all ages. Sunday morning offerings include a nursery for the tiniest babies to children up to age four. Children's Chapel is a special liturgy service for children, which is held during the 9:15 am service. Multiple Sunday school classes are offered for people of all ages. There are many outreach opportunities that include Backpack Buddies, the St. Athanasius Food Bank, the Christ Church Comforters, Manna House volunteers, Christ Church Tour of Homes, and many more.  Christ Church also offers multiple formation opportunities. From spiritual practices like Icon writing, to EC (Episcopal Church) 101, there are classes and workshops that provide many ways to deepen one’s faith. For the music lovers, the music program offers several venues to worship in song, including children’s and adult choirs and hand bells. There is an active youth ministry program for 6th-12th graders. Fellowship time at Christ Church is important for the entire congregation to be together and support one another. Come join us at Christ Church and find the best ministry area for you and your family! 


Ministry for Families

One of the most important things a family can do is worship together. Children learn by experiencing and by watching what their parents do. Kids who do not spend time in prayer and worship as children will not be nearly as likely to seek it out as teenagers or adults. Family ministry is important to us at Christ Church, as we try to meet the needs of every part of the family. We want to help equip parents to be faithful parents at home, teaching their children by example how to pray, and how our faith permeates every aspect of our lives. We offer family friendly activities and programs designed to support and nurture the spiritual growth of parents along with their children. Some related family activities include the Blessing of the Pets, Breakfast with Saint Nicholas, the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and church picnics. There is something for every member of the family at Christ Church. 


Sunday School

Sunday School meets at 10:20 am, between the services in the Parish House. We have a thriving Sunday School that meets during the secular school year for all ages. Using a variety of curriculum sources, there is a Sunday School class for pre-school through high school. For adults, we offer seasonal classes, lectures and discussions. These classes provide an array of ways to explore one’s faith and life. Through book studies, to diving deeper into understanding the Episcopal tradition, there is a group to meet everyone’s need. All are welcome to participate in Sunday School!



The youth ministry at Christ Church, Frederica exists to be something special for the students, families, and the parish as a whole. We offer opportunities for students to love Christ and neighbor, to have fun together and to worship and to grow in faith. We are blessed with an awesome group of students and their families who are involved in our variety of offerings!

“We must view young people not as empty bottles to be filled, but as candles to be lit.” (Dr. Robert H. Shaffer) 


Christian Formation

Youth Sunday School classes are offered each Sunday at 10:15 am. We are currently combining 6-12th grades with hopes to split the groups in the near future. Lots of learning takes place, and we strive to provide a welcoming space where a variety of ideas and questions are encouraged. 

Sunday Night Youth Group

On Sunday evenings in the fall and spring we meet from 6:00 – 7:30 pm in the parish house for a great time of fun and fellowship during Youth Group. We do this as we share a meal together, play indoor/outdoor games, participate in creative/artistic activities, worship and study the Bible. This offers students and adults an opportunity to unplug from their busy lives to take a “holy pause”, giving them spiritual nourishment for the coming week. 

Diocesan Events

The Episcopal Diocese of Georgia offers several opportunities for retreats, lock-ins, summer missions and more. We strongly encourage our students to participate in as many of these events as possible. Events/activities include Fall Gathering, Spring Gathering, New Beginnings, Happening, summer camp, Convention lock-in,  Acolyte festival and a summer mission trip.  Wow! That’s a lot of stuff! For more information visit


The Rite of Confirmation is for all those who are 16 years of age and above who wish to affirm their baptismal vows and commit themselves to a life of Christian service. Stay tuned for more info on when the youth confirmation class will begin.


Outside of our Sunday classes and CCF Youth Group, we offer many opportunities for students to share the love of God in Christ with those in need. In addition to our summer mission trips, students have opportunities to serve those in need in our own community. We have volunteered at a local assisted living facility, prepared meals for shut-ins, helped prepare and serve lunch at Manna House, assisted with the annual St. Mark’s Towers outreach, worked with children at St. Athanasius during the summer library and food program, etc. 




Adult Education

Our faith formation is a life-long process, continuing for our entire life. Many adults do not engage their faith beyond the Sunday School level, but for those who do, they find their faith deepened and more meaningful, and find that they can benefit from it more readily as they navigate the ups and downs of life. We offer regular opportunities for Christian Formation on Sundays and weekdays. On Sundays we have seasonal gatherings for adults at 10:15 am, that cover a range of topics and biblical study. There is a men's Bible study at 10:30 am each Wednesday. On Wednesdays, either at lunchtime, or in the evenings, there is usually a class, discussing scripture, the faith, or a seasonal topic, depending on the time of the year. We also have groups that meet for grief support, pertinent social topics, and we offer EC 101 classes for adults to help them learn about the Episcopal faith.

Bible Study

Study of the bible is an important and foundational part of our lives. We encourage everyone to read scripture on a regular basis. Our Sunday worship is full of scripture, and we include weekly study guides for the lessons we read in church. You don't have to attend a Bible study to get something from scripture - you can just sit quietly and read from the Bible and listen for what God is trying to say through its pages. If you do like to gather with others for study, we have a number of regular opportunities.

X Church

Wednesdays at 6:30pm, a new style of contemplative Eucharistic worship will become a regular part of our liturgical offerings at Christ Church.  X Church is a combination of ancient practices from the Anglican tradition, assembled for modern people.  It will blend practices that are thousands of years old with a mix of liturgical language.  X Church includes the use of prayers and litanies from around the Anglican Communion.  This is not liturgy in a hurry.  This is a time of quiet worship and reflection, with many candles, incense, chanting, and silence.  X Church is a relaxed service in which the clergy will not vest in traditional vestments.  It is open to all people, and is an attempt to offer a worship experience unlike any other on the Island.


Christ Church Frederica
Christ Church Frederica

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