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Music at CCF

Easter The Choir 2014Sharing God’s gift of music is a primary way Christ Church Frederica seeks to enrich the lives of its people and the people of the Golden Isles. Building upon a long-standing Anglican tradition of excellence in music and liturgy, we provide music opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

Our parish’s music ministry offers seven musical organizations: the Christ Church Choir of Men and Women, the Christ Church Choristers, the Christ Church Trebles, the Christ Church Handbell Choir, Vi Fluentis Children’s Choir, the St. Cecelia Series, and Christ Church Summer Arts Camp.

Christ Church Choir of Men and Women

Membership is open to anyone willing to dedicate weekly rehearsal time and participate in various liturgies on our parish. The Christ Church Choir of Men and Women sings most Sunday morning 9:15 services, in addition to a full range of festival services and evensong. Our repertoire offers a diverse selection of traditional music.

The Christ Church Trebles

The Christ Church Trebles are ministers of music. We aspire to teach, to learn, to inspire and to lead the varied liturgies of Christ Church and St. Ignatius Chapel through our work as liturgical ministers. Membership in this choir is by invitation of the Organist and Choirmaster.

Christ Church Choristers

The Christ Church Choristers are ministers of music. We aspire to teach, to learn, to inspire and to lead the varied liturgies of Christ Church and St. Ignatius Chapel through our work as liturgical ministers. No audition is required, and we have serious fun with music.

Vi Fluentis Children’s Choir

Vi Fluentis Children’s Choir (Latin, meaning flowing energy) is an affiliate organization. Vi Fluentis Children’s Choir shares a diverse spectrum of choral music with the widest possible community by presenting accessible, engaging, and informative programs that are respected for their innovation and artistic excellence. Auditions and required. Contact Founder and Artistic Director Kathleen Turner for more information.

Christ Church Handbell Choir

The Christ Church Handbell Choir rings offers music both in our Liturgies and in performance. Our rehearsals combine musical finesse with a sense of humor. Currently none of our handbells need owners but we often need substitutes if one of our ringers is away for rehearsal or performance. Please contact our Organist and Choirmaster if you would like to be a substitute.

St. Cecelia Series 

Outstanding music and art is an integral part of the Christ Church’s life. Blessed by the acoustical resonance of the Parish House, our occasional special musical performances are exquisite. These musical offerings depend on the generosity of our parish and friends to help support this musical ministry. We welcome your interest and would be pleased to discuss ways in which you might be a partner in our work by offering an unrestricted gift or sponsoring a concert or event.

Contact our Organist and Choirmaster

Kathleen Turner
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pastoral Care

The care of our parishioners at Christ Church is shared by our clergy and other specially trained laypersons in our parish. Our priests are especially available to visit you in the hospital, to pray with you, to offer Sacraments and the rites of the Church, and to lend a listening ear and pastoral presence at times of acute crisis.

Notifying Clergy of Needs & Emergencies

The best way to ensure our clergy team is aware of your pastoral need or emergency


is to call one of our priests via the church office, or by cell phone if after hours. Please do not rely on email or social media to communicate emergency information, and remember, privacy policies now prohibit medical facilities from contacting churches on your behalf. We do not publish clergy cell numbers on the website, but they are available upon request from the church office and are printed in the church directory. Or, you may call the pastoral care line at 912-230-7362 to reach the priest on call.

Pastoral Counseling

Our priests, although skilled in many ways, are not licensed therapists. For this reason, they are not equipped to offer counseling or “talk therapy” in the traditional sense, nor are they able to enter into longterm standing appointments around chronic issues such as depression or serious, ongoing marital conflict. They can, however, provide spiritual guidance and support by praying with you, teaching you to pray, helping you to look for God in your life, and offering you the strength and Sacraments of the Church. If you find yourself in need of a professional therapist or counselor, our clergy have excellent contacts in the area and are happy to help connect you with a trusted professional.

When to Call Your Clergy

  • Near Death: When someone in your family is near death, call one of our priests, day or night. When death is imminent, we Episcopalians gather around our loved ones, say our prayers, share in the Sacraments, make our goodbyes, and anoint our loved ones as they transition. This is one of the holiest and most important things your priest is able to offer you, and it is appropriate regardless of whether your loved one is conscious or not. We also have an important and helpful rite for when the decision is made to remove life-sustaining treatment. Please do not hesitate to call in these moments, regardless of the time.
  • Ill or Hospitalized: When you or someone in your family is ill or hospitalized, call the church office. Our clergy will visit as soon as possible.
  • Before Surgery: When you or someone in your family is going to have surgery, call the church office in advance. Our clergy are happy to visit you beforehand, share in healing prayers, and bring Communion, if you wish.
  • Crisis of Faith: When you are having a crisis of faith, call and make an appointment to come and sit down for a conversation. We can pray with you and help you in your search for God and meaning.
  • Significant Loss: When you lose a job, or experience the death of a friend, or any significant loss, call the church office. Your clergy will pray with you and may be able to connect you with helpful resources.
  • Birth or Adoption of a Child: When a child is born, call the church office. Your clergy love the opportunity to make a visit to bless parents and child; there’s even a liturgy in the prayer book for this.
  • When It’s All Good: When something wonderful is happening in your life, call. Clergy are often called upon to share in the saddest times, but we want to rejoice with you and help you give thanks to God in the best of times, too.

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